Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Forex Brotherhood Review - It's Launched!

The Forex Brotherhood has finally launched and I can reveal who’s behind the whole operation and what to expect if you join the community.

With many forex products on the market at the moment, there are these claims of nameless, faceless “gurus” who have developed the product and how these guys are the bee’s knees. The Forex Brotherhood has been completely transparent and we can have a look at the power house behind the whole operation.

Jason Alan Jankovsky is a full time trader with 20 years experience in the markets and works in down town Chicago. He has published successful books on forex trading, one of which is in Amazon’s top 100 lists for its category. It’s also worth noting that Jason has not had a single losing month this year trading. It’s fair to say this guy knows his stuff and is the real deal. The Forex brotherhoods’ main selling point is as a member of the community, you will have personal access to Jason to ask him anything you’re having problems with. He is set on educating his members one on one and delivering everything you need, and then some more when it comes to all aspects of forex trading.

Visit ForexBrotherhood.com to find out more.

The two daily 45 minute webinars will also be carried out by Jason, one first thing in the morning before the markets open, and another in the evening. As well as this, the broadcasts will be archived and also produced in a text report form in case you weren’t around and missed the live webinar.

The forums within the Forex brotherhood community are heavily moderated, members’ only forums, filled with likeminded forex trading experts. This will mean the forums are spam free and only paying, likeminded people can participate in discussions. This will prove to be an invaluable resource as the information and tips on these forums will be nothing but the best.

Jason has also said he is going to train people how to use the state of the art automated expert software that will also be included in the membership. Many people purchase automated forex software and simply fail because of not being able to understand the basic principles of the foreign exchange markets. Jason will set this right for any members who struggle with the automated experts.

A package like this would usually cost no less than $5000 and that’s for the tuition and access to an experienced trader alone. Being a part of the Forex Brotherhood community costs a fraction of this price and also comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee if you are at all unsatisfied. Why not give it a blast for a couple of months and if your not happy with the programme just request your full refund, you can literally cancel at any time. It really is a win-win situation.

The fact that this community is also limited to 1000 members suggests that there’s not likely to be spaces left for long.

To learn more about this exciting new community and discover the full features on offer, visit their homepage by Clicking Here.


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