Thursday, 7 August 2008

Forex Brotherhood Review

The Forex Brotherhood review.

Forex Brotherhood
is a brand new forex package, due for release in mid August 2008. This is the first package of it's kind as it provides access to private forums which are for members only. This is only one feature that seperates Forex Brotherhood from any other forex package available today.

Heres just some of the features the Forex Brotherhood package also offers:

  • Archive of constantly updated articles and videos
  • Software
  • 2 daily updates and reports
  • 2 daily webinars
  • Knowledgebase of top forex traders
  • Meta experts
  • Tech Support
  • Loyalty Program: Gifts/Bonuses/Perks
  • VIP 20+ year trainer hosting it all
  • Much, much more
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The Forum: The Forex Brotherhood forum is where this package really starts paying for itself. The forum is private and only accessible by like minded, private members. These forums are built using the most advanced platform, Vbulletin. Once logged in to the forums you will have a vast resource of articles and tips from the experienced forex traders that work for Forex Brotherhood. The forums are a place for people with all different experiences, from complete beginners, to trading veterans. This is where the real information is gained.

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The Software: The Forex brotherhood boasts the culmination of the best forex software on sale today. The Forex Brotherhood software is modelled on the forefront automated forex trading software in the market today, including Forex Tracer and Forex Funnel.

This Forex Brotherhood Review only reveals some of the benefits and features the package has to offer, head over to the Forex brotherhood homepage to discover it's full potential


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